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Richmond Hill & Vaughan, ON

Locally owned and operated

Richmond Hill & Vaughan, ON

Locally owned and operated

Customer Reviews

See what others have to say about Vaughan and Richmond Hill’s best cleaners

Read our customer reviews: Our clients drive us to succeed

Always striving to maintain a stellar reputation as Vaughan and Richmond Hill’s best cleaners, our customers love the professional cleaning services we offer. Take a look below to see what a few have shared about their experience with us!


“You are friendly and all the staff are more than happy to ensure that the customer is satisfied. I also like that you provide the cleaning supplies.”

– Lisa C

“Staff are very neat, tidy and do an excellent job. The products leave a clean, pleasant environment. I am truly impressed with the cleaning girls.”

– Janet B

“The ladies who clean my home are very friendly, as well as doing a good job. I have a lot of allergies and respitory problems, I appreciate that the products don’t have a strong smell.”

– June L

“Kelley, you did an outstanding job! Thanks again so much I thoroughly enjoyed the services and would definitely recommend you to others! Thanks again for fitting both cleanings in today.”

– T

“You were very professional and took your job seriously. I knew the state of the new house was not up to my par and that it would require a lot of work, which it did, and in the end I was so pleased! Thank you”

– Sandra F

“The products removed all the stains and smelled good.”

– Trisha K

“Their responsiveness & availability. Plus they did an amazing job with very short notice.”

– Kristin S

“Great service, great value and reliable people!!”

– Dom G

“Hi Ladies, just passing on compliments about the cleaning today! looked great when I came home, Alexina did the cleaning. Thanks again!”

– Threresa

“Service was excellent! However, the price, for me at least, makes it difficult to frequently use their services.”

– Melissa Y

“It is always such a great feeling to come home to a clean house! I appreciate the fact that there isn’t a strong scent to the cleaning products because my asthma wouldn’t be able to handle it!”

– Karen H

“Attention to detail, very clean and thorough.”

– Gia B

“Service can be tailored to customer needs…company is responsive to customer comment. Cleaning products are allergy friendly.”

– Agnes C

“Your people are friendly, efficient, and very positive. They cleaned things that have really been neglected because everyone else missed them! thanks.”

– Janet T

“Prompt, efficient careful. Would recommend Karen should I have the opportunity to do so.”

– Dom M

“The staff always take pride in the work they do which means that when I come home, I am very happy with the job that has been done.”

– Kathy L

“I loved the care the staff put into cleaning and taking care of my home. They didn’t rush, they acted like it was their own home and put in the same effort they would if they were taking care of their own home. The products, not sure what they used but it was great because my place was spotless and no scents from the cleaning products.”

– Gary S

“The staff arrived on time and did a great job. When they were done the house was not left with a strong odour of cleaning products.”


“This is my first time using the service, the staff was very polite, friendly, great with my dog, did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

– Nancy

“It was really good and professional.”

– Sar A

“They are very thorough and respectful with our belongings”

– Lee L

“Great service! Friendly staff! Very professional and they did an outstanding job cleaning my home.”

– Naomi

“Timing was right, the two ladies were professional and the overseer was there to check the work done to client satisfaction. Didn’t see the products but they were good enough to do the job.”

– Hossain

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